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Somewhat New To Linux



Some years ago I did play with Red Hat and Lindows(before they had to change the name), and back than I didn't like it. So just not to long ago about 3 or 4 months I decided to try Ubuntu 11.10 and wow it has change since the dark ages, I have been learning a lot about and even started using the terminal for commands, reminds me the days when I had to use DOS. I do use Windows 7, but the more I play with Linux the more I like it. I have a degree in Network Administration and wondering should I learn Linux for my career path, none of the classes I have taken have taught any and if so what Linux Version would be best to learn from from stand alone to a server version.

For personal use I want to eventually go Linux one day from this computer, it is a laptop and keep my windows on another computer. What would be the best version of Linux to learn other than Ubuntu, what other great web sites are there out there, and what are the best books to buy to learn and reference guides for Linux. Let me Know.



  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    I am an IT consultant as well as senior performance engineer for Nokia. Most web-faced servers are Linux systems these days. FWIW, my personal workstation and my personal laptop both run Linux - Scientific Linux 6.x (RHEL clone). Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and clones such as CentOS are the prevalent network servers these days - far out-stripping Windows and other operating systems for use as cloud and web server use. In any case, using a RHEL 6.1 clone (CentOS or Scientific Linux) will give you a first-hand perspective of the most popular systems for web server use - and they are free! :-) So, if you are using SL 6.1 as your personal system, it will help you get up to speed for RHEL 6.1 server systems as well.
  • dale1966
    Awesome so to get into the field and I will get my bachelors degree next fall and it really urks me that they don't teach Linux, so I am learning from books, on line sites, I will definitively check these out, any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the response.
  • volvo1549
    i am a real newbie. juast installed linux and can't get the internet. where do i get instructions or can someone help me.
    thanks in advance


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