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new to linux.

hi im new to linux and i need help with a couple of things. i have linux 12 by the way.

i just need to know, what is the alterate to notepad on linux?

i need more things but ill post them in this thread when i get home if i need anything.


  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    You're probably referring to Linux Mint 12, that's ok. If it's the Gnome based Linux Mint 12, then an application called Gnote should be installed. You can check by going to your Add/Remove software Management package and doing a search for it. It should tell you if it's installed or not. You can also search for notepad, and, I'm sure other similiar applications will come up.
    I don't have the recent Mint up and running here, so, I can't tell you first hand. I know some of the others here have it running. With the changes that have been made to the Desktop Environment recently, I can't be certain which applications have made it to the new desktop.

    Any other questions feel free to ask, especially if Gnote is not there, or, you can't find a replacement to Notepad.


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