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Wubi and full installation


Okay, right now I'm using Wubi to try out Ubuntu. I really do enjoy it, but I'm skeptical to completely leave behind windows. Can someone tell me what is the real difference between using Ubuntu through Wubi, and using it simply as the main OS?


  • saqman2060
    Wubi is like an application installer similar to windows program installer. Wubi installs ubuntu on windows the same way windows installs firefox or office. It creates virtual disk that is separate your physical hard drive, so your main system is not compromised.

    I haven't used wubi to run ubuntu, I usually dualboot it with windows. Because wubi runs ubuntu like a virtual machine, it may run slower than a physical install.

    For more info on wubi:

    wubi installer
  • Umbrae
    Thanks for the information, I'll probably go full in to Ubuntu once I get the hang of it a bit more.
    ~Thanks again


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