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The trouble with Linux!

The text below (taken from Fedora website....i think)

This255-page guide will provide you with the keys to understand the philosophy of free software, teach you how to use and handle it, and give you the tools required to move easily in the world of GNU/Linux. Many users and administrators will be taking their first steps with this GNU/Linux Basic guide and it will show you how to approach and solve the problems you encounter.

THe 255 guide bit is the problem with Linux OS... until they can compete inthe same pick up and play manner that M$ Windows does they will never be accepeted by the main stream. How do we make Linux OS more idiot friendly?????


  • i didn't really mean "idiot" imeant nontechinical user!?!?!?!?!

    P.S. I think Linux OS'are a fantastic concept and freesoftware is the future but ease of use is everything when it comes to OS' . Ask the majority of people to open up the terminal window and they freak out!! Once we come up with a GUI as easy to use and flexible as M$ Windows then we can compete.....until then :(.
  • dog is right linux is to complicated for 90% of people in the world and free is better but when it takes a month just to find the file that contains music or pictures than it ain't right. a person that is not able to figure out how to use a program like linux is not going to like linux even if they have a good firm knowledge of different computer operating systems or even computer skills and until they make it as easy as windows people just ain't going to be happy with it.
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    @djm19748 If Linux is too complicated for you, you're welcome to use Windows. Don't troll. If it took you a month to find a program or a file on your computer, that's not Linuxes fault, it's yours. Most of us here give of our free time to help those who ask for assistance. If your here to complain, and are not interested in learning, do your trolling somewhere else.

    BTW - @thedogsbawz I'm a Fedora user and their manual is one of the best written out there. Have you seen the manual for Windows? Is it any smaller than the Fedora one? One does not need to use the terminal in Linux, it is an adjunct to having more control over your system. When I started using Linux it was different than Windows, and, it took a while to get used to, just as anything in life that's new does. The freedom to change and share the code that runs your computer is the main reason that most of us use Linux. We were all newbies at first, but, I wouldn't change the freedom it gives me on my systems for any other system available.


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