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I am thinking of using a lxde or xfce version of linux i am maybe at best a medium level user

I am thinking of taking my laptop and installing a version of either lxde, xfce, or kde based on such flavor of ubuntu, linux mint, id love to learn arch but only if it is not a huge learning curve because i always like to be up to date with my software. that is one of the few things i really enjoy about windows. and currently i am running windows 7 but sadly i only have a 64 bit version which we all know requires 4 gigs of ram and that is all i have on this set up. Therefore i cannot run windows 7 in a virtual environment on linux but i can run win 32 bit xp. there is one program i like to use for my comics called comic rack that i cannot get to run in linux either with wine or mono. but then again i do not know how to tinker with mono or any languages for that matter. otherwise honestly most of the programs i run on windows have equivalents or are the same on linux and i really want to migrate but i must be able to run comic rack in my opinion.



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