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Dual monitors failture.



I got some problems with my Ubuntu 11.10 computer.

I just reinstalled it with the "new" OS.

I've been rolling with Win7 for a while, because of BF3 and such.

Anyways, I'm getting back in to the world of Linux.

This is my problem.

I got a 27 inch screen and a 24 inch screen.

When i where in Win7 everything worked perfect. Just installed 11.10 and now dual monitors wont work.

I'm getting a error message which is saying:

required virtual size does not fit available size: requested=(3840, 1080), minimum=(320, 200), maximum=(1920, 1920).

Please help me!

Kind regard.


  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    That really would depend on what video card you're using, what video drivers (proprietary or open source) you are using and what DE you're using (Unity, Gnome3, LXDE etc.) I realize most of Ubuntu is now using Unity, so there is a problem waiting to solve.
    I use Fedora and Debian Sid, and, with my Nvidia cards I have no problems with dual monitors. I'm also told that the Open source ATI drivers are less problematic then the ATI blobs that everyone likes to complain about.
    Tell us some more about your hardware and video setup and maybe we can give you a few answers.
  • Nalle
    Nalle Posts: 5
    Okey, well i use a XFX Radeon 5870 xxx card and my CPU is a i5 lynnfield.
    And i got about 4 gig of ram, with good speed.
    I've been using Ubuntu many years before and it's always been working perfectly.
    The thing is that when i installed 11.10 it worked with dual monitors, BUT when i did the auto updates on my drivers my monitors got black for 2 sec and afterwards i had mirror image. So I'm pretty sure that it's something with my drivers.

    I installed any DE, but I'll try Gnome again, cuz it's the best for my choice of usage.

    Any clue how and where i can fix this?

  • Nalle
    Nalle Posts: 5
    I went over to Fendora 16. Seems freaking awesome.
    Fendora is so much better than Ubuntu.
  • RSims
    RSims Posts: 146
    Theres a program called "Monitors" that if you don't have you can download and install. Have you tried simply doing that through the gui and using that or a similar program to do it for you?


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