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CentOs 6 Server linkup with Windows 7


Hello All,

I am using Windows platform for last 7 years now for some reasons i am switching my server platform to CentOS6 to which i am totally a newbie, i do not want to make my other machines in the network to be on CentOS they will run on Windows 7 OS.

I have 10 users who are using Win7 for various PHP and other development work which I want to synchronies at one place (intranet) i.e. CentOS 6 server.

I have installed CentOS 6 then Xammp over it, Samba and SWAT both.

I am seeking a detailed response to my queries,

How can I synchronize my development work to one machine i.e. CentOS 6?

How the user accounts will be created and managed?

What more tools I need to install and how, to make whole system work.

I'll be very grateful to all the respective responders





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