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Can someone please advise how to install OnlyWire in Fedora?

acornpetco Posts: 5
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The instructions are at the following page:



1. Using your browser of choice click on Click Here next to OnlyWire Submitter on the Tools page.

Click Here To Access The Downloads Page

2. Click Download Now and the OnlyWire Submitter .zip file will download to your computer.

3. Move the OnlyWire .zip file to your Home directory.

4. Unzip the OnlyWire .zip file. This will create a folder called OnlyWireLinux in your Home directory.

5. Create a text file in the OnlyWireLinux folder called config.txt. This file should contain one line of text:

users=Your OnlyWire Username Goes Here

For example, if your username is joe123 the one line of text would read:


6. Open a Terminal and navigate to the OnlyWireLinux folder and run the following command:

java -jar OnlyWire.jar

The latest Sun/Oracle Java 6 is required to run the OnlyWire submitter application.

You must keep the Terminal window open for the Submitter application to process your submissions. If you close the Terminal window you close the Submitter application. The OnlyWire submitter application processes submissions every 10 minutes automatically.

I am using Fedora 14 with Mozilla Firefox and I can't get OnlyWire installed.

I have downloaded the latest Sun/Oracle Java 6. I have also downloaded the OnlyWire Submitter.zip file and moved it to my home directory. Clicking on it does unzip it and I created a text file in the OnlyWireLinux folder called config.txt with the 'users=Your OnlyWire Username Goes Here' line of text in it and moved it into the unzipped folder but the unzipped folder does not appear anywhere in the home folder so I have no idea how to navigate to the OnlyWireLinux folder in an open terminal. I am logged in as su. I would have thought the path would be /xxxxxx/home/OnlyWireLinux but I get:

[root@XX xxxxxx]# /xxxxxx/home/OnlyWireLinux

bash: /marneo/home/OnlyWireLinux: No such file or directory

Likewise with:

[root@XX xxxxxx]# /home/xxxxxx/OnlyWireLinux

bash: /home/xxxxxx/OnlyWireLinux: No such file or directory

What would the proper file path be?

Thank you.


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    I do not know the program, but I will make some guesses.

    if the folder is in the home directory it should be /home/xxxxxx/OnlyWireLinux, however when in the terminal and the home directory you can use the tab auto-complete to find the onlywire directory name. With some window managers you can right click in the open folder and choose "open terminal here", once the terminal is open you can use the pwd command to see exactly what the file path is.
  • craiglurey
    craiglurey Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    Hi. I'm one of the developers. Just unzip the file anywhere, and on the command line you can then create the config.txt INSIDE of that folder (per the instructions in the README file) and then run "java -jar OnlyWire.jar" on the command line from within that folder.

    Reply if you still need help. We can walk you through it if needed.
  • acornpetco
    Actually what I need help with right now is a totally unexpected development which is that out of nowhere I cannot watch a video on YouTube. I was able to do so yesterday but today I was prompted that I need to install flash player. I have no idea how this happened but I've downloaded the folder and now have no idea what to do next:

    I imagine the process is similar but, having been accustomed to Windows where things are more automatic, I'm afraid I'm lost when things like this happen in Fedora so I would really appreciate if you could walk me through this and hopefully it would be instructive for similar situations in the future.

    Thank you.
  • acornpetco
    Sorry. I just realized you are an OnlyWire developer rather than a Linux develper. I'll repost this elsewhere.


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