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Problems with gaming?


I'm attempting to build my first computer. The main things I'm interested in doing with it is surfing the internet and playing games (specifically Skyrim and Star Wars: The Old Republic when it comes out in Dec.). I'm interested in trying out Linux as my OS but I'm afraid that I'll run into problems playing Windows games. Is there software out there (somewhere) that will allow me to play these newer games that I mentioned? I don't think I'd like a RPM system but I know very little information at this point (maybe it would be better for gaming??).


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    The diferences between RPM or Apt based systems is miniscule. Don't judge a distro by it's package manager, both spt and rpm have their advantages and disadvantages.

    Surfing the Internet is definately safer using a Linux based system, you don't have to worry about malicious software or viruses. No problem there.

    Using Windows games on Linux is hit or miss, that's why folks dual boot, so they can play their games on the Windows install and swtch back to Linux for everything else. The application "Wine" is used to run Windows applications in Linux. It can run many apps and games within your Linux installation, you would just have to search their database to see which ones they can handle.

    The main Wine website is here:

    The wiki and the place to search for info on what can run under Wine is here:

    You can also look at the Wine forums to see what success's ad failures other have had with particular games using Wine.

    Welcome to the Linux.com Forum, and good luck. Any other questions feel free to ask.


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