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Hello. My name is Jeff and have been a linux fan for a little over a dozen years. I'm really into the the command line stuff. I enjoyed writing batch files back in the days of DOS but writing Linux scripts on the command line is much more fun and invigorating. I am in the process of getting my Linux+ certification but am wondering what else I would need to do or read or study or whatever to advance my Linux training (on my own time)?


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    Welcome to the Linux.com forum Jeff. Your question has been asked before and if you look through the "Getting Started with Linux" forum you'll find some good answers. Such as in this thread:

    You can also look through the "Learn Linux" section at the top of the page, which has links to many different ways to increase your knowledge of Linux. Since you already in the process of getting you Linux+ certification, you probably are already on the right track. It just takes some time and experience to get used to everything.

    I'm also sure that when the other forum members pass by they'll also have some advice, just be patient. If you have any specific interests, please feel free to ask, then, we can point you in the right direction. Have Fun.
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