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Multiple Distro Installation


I have tried "live" versions of both Mint 11.4 and Ubuntu 11.10 and really like both of them. Although Mint is based on Ubuntu, it appears to have a few differences and, on balance I think that's what I'll end up with.

Then I tried each of them by installing "within" Windows 7 - no problem as long as I uninstalled the other Distro first. If I try to install Ubuntu alongside Mint "within" Win7 Ubuntu insists I have to remove Mint. Will Mint allow me to keep Ubuntu?

I can install Ubuntu in its own drive (I have 4 empty drives to choose from!) and tell it to put Grub on my Windows drive but when I tried to then do the same with Mint I wasn't given that option and things got a little hairy!

Would the safest way be to give each OS its own drive and use my motherboard BIOS to switch between them? As I have to reboot anyway in order to switch it really would be no big deal - all I need to do is remember which drive has which OS!

Any advice would be appreciated.


  • Goineasy9
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    I usually install Grub to the /boot partition in the distro I am installing and use EasyBCD as the boot loader. I don'';t linke using Grub to load Windows. If you ever have a problem booting Windows and have to do a rescue, it's easier having a Windows based bootloader, which EasyBCD is. I'll have to admit that most folks that dual boot allow Grub to be the bootloader and have few complaints.
    My Dell laptops allow me to choose which disk to boot from. If you have multiple disks and want to use this setup, I see no reason not to.
  • HaggisHunter
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    To GoinEasy9

    Thnx for your quick reply. It started me off in the right direction - but then I screwed up again and again and again!

    Eventually after re-reading your post and the manual for EasyBCD and following directions, I eventally got both Ubuntu 11.10 and Mint 11.4 installed in their own partitions on the same drive as Win 7 and can now multi-boot.

    BTW, thnx also for your reply to my other post (printers in Linux). Still no success but I do have hopes thanks to you. Will keep you posted in the other thread.

    Again, thank you!


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