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...help please...

hi im just having trouble with running a Ubuntu live cd, i can get the initial dialogue box that asks if you want to instal or try ubuntu, but after i select try ubuntu the screen goes black exept f0r the mouse. i saw in another post that as long as the mouse is moving and not frozen your good, you just need to wait till the desktop comes out, (a side note if i connect to my wireless network before i select Try Ubuntu then some of the desktop comes up but it doesnt copletely come up, just blank boxes, and one time the icons came up but after that nothing happened.) ive waited for hours and nothing really comes up... help will be greatly apreciated.


  • What type of video controller do you have? Your system my not be able to load the GUI because it is to strong. Run #sudo lspci -v and #sudo lshw, and give us your video controller specs.
  • sorry man im REALLY new... i dont know how to execute that comand im running 7 at the moment how do i find wich video controler i have????
  • i have the Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 video card.. is that helpful?
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    Hard to say. After a quick look I don't see any compatibility problems with that card (but I didn't look long). It could be a bad download, bad disc, your drive could be acting up, or an incompatibility of some sort, or some ram that's a little bad, etc. It's possible a cheat code could be put in to bypass the problem, but easiest to just try something else just to check, if you have unlimited internet, that's what I suggest. I don't like the cheatcodes, because it's likely that something would still need fixed after install.

    If your system can boot from flash drives, you can use http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ to set up flash drives.

    I suggest this order. If the first two work, then it's possible that something is wrong with your download, disc, etc. In the announcement, select 64 to download if you have a 64 bit processor, about anything modern should be. And for the ones with a choice, Gnome, KDE, LXDE, doesn't matter just to try, personal preference, different interfaces and included software.

    Same software as Ubuntu, released from the same company, different interface set up (you can switch to plain Ubuntu after install just by installing software available).

    Uses the same software as Ubuntu, base is the same, interface is set up different, custom tweaks. Older versions of software, new release coming. Too big for cd, needs DVD.

    Different system than Ubuntu, good distribution, new release soon.

    Again a different system, I used to run it for some time. Ran into some glitches with my laptop (could be fixed), but I kind of ...outgrew it. They had some internal issues with the team as well, haven't looked at it for a while.

    More details on the system might be helpful (model number, or processor, ram amount, etc.).
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    I just found out that your graphics card works best with ubuntu 10.10. Stay away from the later version. 10.10, in my opinion is the best.

    GTS Video cards for OSes


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