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Hello Everyone

I have been a Windows user for almost ever, In the last few months I decided to try and learn it on my own and have been using Ubuntu and have to say I love it, I want to learn it and I am a associate graduate in networking administration and currently taking my bachelors as we speak in the same area, problem is the school does not teach Linux at all and that is fin what I have learn have been on my own, but I need more experience and have noticed many jobs I have been applying for want people to know Linux servers as for a company view what Linux Server NOS do they most use. What would be the best Linux versions to learn I want to learn tyhe Linux Server NOS software but I need to know which ones would be the best to learn. Also what good training sites and what good books are out there to learn.

I want to learn Linux starting at the bottom and work up any suggestions on what to learn first than 2nd 3rd etc. Please let me know.

Any good websites would really help




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