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RSims Posts: 146

Hey everyone, I know most of our active long term people are most likely already members of the Linux foundation but I wanted to post this for the new Linux users and anyone else who currently is not a member of the Linux foundation.

All I wanted to say, is if you enjoy the help you get here, or just enjoy the Linux operating system itself, than you should consider joining the Linux Foundation.

Good news, if your currently a student, you can join for only $25 annually.

The link so you all can consider it, is here:


Also, you get a fancy @Linux.com email address that you can point to whatever current email you have. Looks great for employers, it's professional and simply to remember.

I hope you all will consider it!


  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    Thanks for that post Richard. I also believe that becoming a member of the Linux Foundation is a good decision. One needs to support those who help build and advance our favorite OS, especially in times like these, when Free and Open Source software is being attacked by patent trolls the way it is.
    BTW - Since your a new member, welcome to the club.


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