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Kubuntu 11.10 KDE Sudo error on every start up. Here is the fix for it.

RSims Posts: 146

So Kubuntu 11.10 on my laptop (Ubuntu using KDE instead of Unity or Gnome) runs smooth but I was getting an error on every start up that said this:

Information - KdeSudo

No command arguments supplied!

Usage: kdesudo [-u ]

KdeSudo will now exit...

So I immediately went to google and found this fix, which after rebooting has solved this problem. It's pretty simple.

Go to:

KDE Start > Applications > Settings > System Settings > Start up and Shutdown

Once here, choose "Session Management" and you will see a section that says "On Login" with three options:

Restore Previous Session (Default)

Restore Manually Saved Session

Start with an Empty Session ( Choose this one ) Then press "Apply"

Your done!

All this means, is instead of restoring everything you were doing prior to shutting down your computer, it will start fresh with a new session. This is what I expect anyway since I always save my work etc... So I assume to many others they would enjoy this setting as well.

Restart your computer, and the error should no longer come up on start up.

Any comments or information on the cause of this or other fixes are welcomed.


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