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Warning to all ATI Radeon Graphics Card Owners! New Ubuntu Installs.

RSims Posts: 146
edited October 2011 in Ubuntu

Well, there is this issue that I had with 11.04 when it was new, where I install it all excited on my desktop system with a ATI Radeon HD 4850 Graphics card and then reboot the computer. From there, it boots up and I get "Input not supported" the default monitor resolution is messed up immediately and out of range for my card. I fixed this issue by plugged in my projector which is able to display the resolution for some reason, changing the resolution in Ubuntu by going to the "Monitors" application and then putting it to a normal size and hertz.

So but they did fix this issue I believe in a later patch for 11.04 which I was thankful for because its a pain to have such a process added to my routine of doing a fresh install and configuring it correctly with the correct applications. However, the newest version of Ubuntu, Ubuntu 11.10 has the same exact problem. Either you can fix it in a similar way that I did by finding something by sheer luck that CAN display it so you can go in and change it so it works again, or you will need to wait until they fix this issue before you can use it properly and roll back to a later distribution like 11.04 or one of the 10.xx distributions.

GOOD NEWS THOUGH! I am currently typing this from my laptop which has a built in Intel HD graphics card, and Ubuntu & Kubuntu 11.10 both work flawlessly on it so far. Seems strong stable and fast at first glance, went the Kubuntu route this time because it seems more productive for school/work compared to unity, and I don't like gnome3, I did like gnome2 though.

Anyway, just thought I would let you all know so you can be aware of it. This drove me nuts for two weeks before I figured out what was wrong originally.


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