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Getting help with distribution development.


I currently have an amateur Linux distribution that needs some polishing. I've had representatives of investors contact me asking if they could invest in the next version of my distribution. The problem is that I need a Business Advocacy group, or a Business Advocacy person to volunteer to help me put a budget together, presentation, etc. so I can present something to investors. They love v8 of my product, and want to see v10 look just like it. I've figured out how to make money off of my distribution even if no one pays for it and that's a big plus. I've also been asked to create a version for Nokia cell phones. I can't get into the details or explain why here in public.

I've tried asking for help from the Open Source Initiative but have gotten no response. So I figure if I post here I might get someone's attention that might want to help me out.

Thanks and God Bless.


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