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NVIDIA Driver Help


Hello to all who read!

I am wanting to install drivers for my GeForce GPU on Fedora 15 but I don't know which runlevel runs without X/how to stop my X server.

Could some one please give me some detailed instruction or a command script?



  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    Sorry for the delay, so, if you haven't found an answer to your question yet, this guide from the fedoraforums should help. I currently use the Nouveau Open Source drivers on my Fedora installs. I have since F13 when they seemed to have matured. Installing the Nvidia proprietary drivers are problematic, but, I've found that Leigh's guide to installing them is the safest way. See this link, the info is in the first post of the thread, and, make sure you complete all 3 steps the way he lists them. Good Luck.

  • Spartacus1
    Thank you for the help!
    If your wanting to know, I am chaning to official NV drivers
    Because with nouveau I'm having some performance issues.
    Thanks again!
  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    Yes, nouveau is getting better, but it isn't "there" yet. You need to boot into runlevel 3 in order to boot into text mode. You can then login as root and install the nVidia driver. It will give you the option of having it modify your xorg.conf file if you wish, though I prefer to edit it myself. To change the boot process to use runlevel 3, edit the line "id:5:initdefault:" in /etc/inittab to read "id:3:initdefault:". When you are done installing the driver, test it by running the command "startx". That will start an X session using either Gnome or KDE. If it starts OK, then logout of the session, change /etc/inittab back to runlevel 5 and reboot.
  • johnvanvliet
    but it isn't "there" yet
    is true BUT fedoras fancy boot uses nouveau so....
    reading leigh's "how to" post is a good start

    remember that if you usr the nvidia.run on fedora you will ALSO need to reinstall therpms for mesa and it's -devel to REINSTALL these
    - gl.h,glext.h,glx.h,glxext.h,libGL.so,libglx.so,
    the .run replaces the DIFFERENT version that fedora uses .

    editing inttab ?

    i would run as root
    su -
    telinit 3
    relogin as root in the text terminal and install the .run

    REBUILD the boot image !!!!!! - a MUST !!!
    one time only when changing from the nouveau

    unless you want to do this for EVERY kernel .xorg,mesa,x11 update install
    the " akmod-nvidia" rpm
    that is BY FAR THE MOST easiest one text line and you are done
    yum install akmod-nvidia


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