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VFAT automount

dwclarke Posts: 12

When I mount a FAT formatted memory card with Debian 6, files are

a) All upper case chars

b) The file creation time is taken as UT, not local time.

I would like:

a) All lower case chars

b) The file creation time is taken as local time.

I've hunted round the file system, like you do, to see if I can spot the appropriate config files, and also done a fruitless search of the internet.

So, what am I looking for is the bit that's responsible for import rules.

There you go. Point me to some easily found documentation that I've completely missed.


  • marc
    marc Posts: 647
    And how do you mount the memory card?

    What window manager/desktop environment are you running?

    Do you use HAL...udev?

    Anyway, a simple
    mount /dev/sdx /folder/you/want

    Should suffice
  • dwclarke
    dwclarke Posts: 12
    Well, the question is more, what does Debian use by default for automounting?

    There is no problem mounting, it's the parameters used when mounting that I want to fiddle with.

    Environment is KDE.
  • asedt
    asedt Posts: 96
  • dwclarke
    dwclarke Posts: 12
    Aaaaa, it's KDE. Didn't expect that.

    Thanks for that. That explains the name case, now to look at the file creation time problem. May be easier, now I know KDE is involved with the process.


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