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Nothing works

Ive had trouble installing it but finally got it to install but now nothing works. Updates stall half way through, nothing will download, no applications will even show up to download. I needed a graphics driver and i cant install it. i think if i can install that it might start working. The file is a .run file and i have no clue how to install it.


  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    You will need to boot fedora in a CLI based recovery mode and launch the .run file by changing it's permissions to executable and running that command. However I am not an fedora user so I am unaware of their restrictions.

    You would be best to wait for GoingEasy9 to respond to this message since he is the current Fedoraholic
  • RSimsRSims Posts: 146
    Curious, do you have the same issues with a fresh Ubuntu install?
  • chekkizharchekkizhar Posts: 182
    Did you contacted GoingEasy9?
    I also faced the same problem with Fedora audio plug-ins.
    Upto I know, fedora needs "*.rpm" file not some other extensions.

    But, my opinion is, since you installed with some troubles, did you missed any package? Software Development or Update kind of stuff?
    What problem you faced? Can you tell us? That may also help to solve current issues.

    If time permits, you can do a fresh-install of Fedora, and this should be a last choice.
  • Goineasy9Goineasy9 Posts: 1,116
    What version of Fedora are you trying to install, and to what kind of hardware. If a distro doesn't work after the install, there could be many problems, you really didn't tell us much of the details. Also, you don't need the Nvidia .run file, there are instructions on the fedora forum for installing Nvidia drivers.
    Give us some more info, don't try to install a .run file to an install that isn't working.
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