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ROM Problem


I have recently installed after trying Ubuntu (hated the GUI) and Mint (could not get it to work on dual mode)..... and its been only two months, but I am already a die-hard fan of it, but there are still few thing that I can't get to work on my machine

1. My ROM drive is not writing DVD's, reading it and reading and writing CD's.... but not DVD's, Bresero waste my disk, k3b dont waste it but dont write it either!!

2. weather option (one with along the date and time) is not showing temp and weather......

Was wondering if someone here can help me with these!!


  • asedt
    asedt Posts: 96
    What version of Mandriva are you using?

    What model is you DVD burner? (It is a DVD burner right, those DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo is so common in laptops, obvious they can't burn DVDs)
  • Yukti Communication
    Yes its a Samsung Combo drive, works perfectly with windows......... with mandriva it works to burn CD's, burnt CD sized ISO of systemrescueCD and Clonezilla onto DVD...... but dont work after that, bresero waste every DVD I tried burning and K3B dont identify the DVD, screenshot attached!!

    I tried installing nero too, but its dont identify the drive at all....... bresero identify and start but give a message of "Unknown error" and waste a DVD, k3b screen shot is attached with this message

    by all means I love Mandriva, though I face little bit of problems, and I dont intent to try any other OS as this gives me great flexibility.......... this is a great OS for designers into print media, that I am...... and I will be very happy if I can burn DVD from my own system!

    uploading screen shot is not allowed, sorry!!..... and I am using Mandriva spring 2010, eagerly waiting for 2011 to get released as I want Inkscape 0.48 and maybe new version wont give this problem, I hope!!


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