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connecting to internet on new hard drive



I recently installed Ubuntu on a laptop that had "died". Before that I replaced the hard drive thinking that was the problem. It wasn't. So then I decided it must be that the windows operating system had died. I downloaded linux (I think it was Ubuntu 32 bit) and booted my laptop from the linux cd I burned from my desktop. That worked like a charm and is running fine. The only trouble is I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it to connect to the internet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you, H.


  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    Are you using wired or wireless as access to the internet?

    Either way, going into your Network Manager and making sure that the box that says "Connect automatically" is checked.

    If you have a wireless internet connection, you may need a driver, depending on what wireless chipset it is using.

    If wireless and it's an internal adapter, running "lspci" in a terminal (without quotes) and telling us what the line that contains the word wireless or wifi says would help us point you to the correct driver.

    If your using a wireless usb adapter, use lsusb instead of lspci and tell us what the line that contains wireless or wifi says.

    Edit: You may also want to give us a rundown on the hardware on your laptop. How old is it? What kind of processor (AMD or Intel)? Do you know what kind of type of processor (P4, i5, or AMD model)? How much memory? etc.etc.
  • buddhanature28
    Hi As far as I can tell I don't have a network manager. When I click on the icon for the internet at the top right of the screen many of the options are grayed out including, wired network, disconnected, wireless network, device not ready (firmware missing) and connection information.) Thanks, H.
  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    If you did not have a network manager, you would not see the network icon on the top right panel.

    Can you post a picture of your panel with the network icon? Want to see actually what it looks like.


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