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ostiosti Posts: 1

I use gimp for editing all of my photo work, I need to know if there is any way to mark all of my photo's with a copy write. I spent a couple of hours looking in the help section but could not find any thing. I am running Linux Mint and gimp 2.6. Any help would be great.


  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    You can write a script in gimp to auto-apply a watermak, some tutorials are at http://www.gimp.org/tutorials/#Script

    I personally used imagemagick to apply watermarks to batches of images in the cli.
  • Gimp is good but thats you try inkscape for darwainf like corel draw ?

    i think inkscape btter good than gimp
  • dwclarkedwclarke Posts: 12
    Inkscape and Gimp are really for different things. Gimp for bitmapped images, and Inkscape for vector graphics.
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