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Need advise: Research custom home built CDN Networ



I am currently doing some research building custom small test CDN network with 100% open-source components.

What is available/done:

To start with I manage to use Squid in reverse proxy mode for caching servers and so on. Being myself an author of OpenSource WAN Optimization solution: TrafficSqueezer - optimizing CDN network links is not an issue.

What is required:

DNS: Now I am searching options for dynamic DNS mapping with 100% open-source tools. So this is where I am struck. So I need suggestions and deep insight from people who can possibly suggest further. FYI, I use and I am aware already about dnsmasq, dnsmasq is a OpenSource DNS caching solution. But are there any other useful DNS tools available in this context ?

IPv6: Also in parallel I am doing some R&D on IPv6 based future CDN Networks. So if you have tools specific to this requirement and fits this context, do kindly let know the same.


Blog for open-source CDN:

I am trying to document all the work done on building custom opensource CDN networks in my new blog: Open Source CDN


So once the prototype network is built and tested, I should be posting the complete know-how and sample topology and all software customizations done. I hope this helps for many !

Do kindly send your suggestions about tools can be used in this context.


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