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Hello. I was given an HP pavilion5150. It had windose me on it but wasn't working real good. So I decided to play around for a while. I can't get a distro to load on it. I've tried a number of them. from puppy,(only in RAM) arch, to mint. The hard drive is inaccesable. The distro starts but then stops. My question is, is there a boot, recovery disc I could use to jump start this. Or would I have to take it in for repairs or new hard drive.


  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    I use Parted Magic (Which runs in RAM) to partition my hard disks. It also has some HD testing apps on it. You could give that a try, but, it really does sound like you have a hardware problem. You can download Parted Magic here:
    It's always worth giving it a try, who knows, you may be able to revive the disk by reformatting it.
  • zezerbing
    zezerbing Posts: 4
    Thanks, I'll try that. When I first started with the Me working, I could get all the way to the hard drive, But it was mounted,unmounted or something. But I couldn't open it. I first thought windoze had "locked it". I could see it but I couldn't access it. Puppy would start to format it and would freeze. Now i can't access Me at all. Linux will start with script and just stop.
  • kiran.kankipati
    Hey here is what I found the config. about your laptop (via some Google search):

    HP pavilion5150 - Product Specifications
    Processor Intel® Pentium® III Processor 600MHz
    Included Drives: 3.5" 1.44MB Floppy Drive, DVD-ROM, Hard Drive
    Hard Drive 10GB
    DVD Rom 8X Read Speed
    Memory 64MB Maximum of 256MB
    Display 13.3" TFT-Active Matrix. 1280 x 1024 Screen Resolution
    Communication Fax/Modem Integrated with 10/100 Ethernet 56K KBps Modem Speed
    PCI Ethernet 100/10Mbps Network Card
    Operating System Microsoft® Windows® ME

    So I understand it is understandably quite old. Here are my clear suggestions which work:

    TRY Fedora Core-1 (avoid Fedora Core-2)
    If not , else Try RedHat -9 Distro (it is the old last redhat series before Fedora)
    Also you can try SuSE (check a Suse distribution around 5-6 years old).
    SuSE is great as a desktop at that time.
    Hope this helps.

    If possible upgrade your RAM, actually you can get a old RAM quite cheap in a laptop service center. (ofcourse you cannot get in a shop to buy a new one in most cases).

    You can install puppy linux, DSL (Damn small Linux), and so on, but they are live distributions, so I am not sure it will help you.

    Cheers, Kiran (Author/Founder: TrafficSqueezer Linux Kernel WAN Optimization Solution - www.trafficsqueezer.org)


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