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How Open Source works? - What is Open Source?



Here is my brief video about "How Open-Source Works, and a basic question What is Open-Source".

YouTube Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZSwzkYLd1o

In this video I explain the overview and the overall big picture of Open-Source, I hope it may help many who are willing to contribute open-source, and even who knows people may get inspired to start new open-source projects, and people who are contributing Linux and Linux based open-source projects.

I have given various examples in this video, also given a prime example of Linux Kernel itself. As you can understand unlike many other open-source projects (assume, MySQL, Squid, etc), Linux Kernel releases are a bundle of many open-source kernel modules, device drivers supported by third-party vendors, individuals, contributors, PLUS Linux Kernel source with it.

Hence you can get over-view and a basic insight of open-source licensing, and terms.

For example (general open-source licenses like GPL variants, BSD, MIT, and so on, even dual licensing, etc).

- freedom to use

- AS-IS factor

- freedom to use, commercial use, redistribution terms

- and so on are explained.

Along with that, I had also explained some challenges, in open-source development, and so on.

Kindly do let know your reviews, opinions, and comments ( I try to monitor this thread/post, and possibly try to address your valuable opinions/views and comments).

Thank you, :)

Cheers, Kiran

(Author/Founder: Traffic Squeezer - Linux Kernel WAN Optimization Solution)


  • anita.annapoorna
    I found your video very useful.

    I am a student and interested in linux and open source. I can now understand the concepts of open source :)

    Anita :cheer:
  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    This post would better serve as a blog so the public can see this. Join the "learn linux" group, http://www.linux.com/community/groups/viewgroup/1362-Learn+Linux
  • kiran.kankipati
    Dear Istimsak,

    Sure thanks for suggestion.

    May be in case if I find something else interesting (and may be it is not a question or irrelevant get posted in the forum), I should try posting in a blog.

    I am still quite new to linux.com forum, just trying to get used ;)

    linux.com video upload features also looks interesting, possibly if I have something or tutorial I should check the video options.

    Thank you again for the valuable suggestions !

    Cheers, Kiran
  • prikasweetu
    Ok it is good.

    But I see sometimes opensource lacks documentation than commercial software ?
    I think it should be useful if you had mentioned some tips about this too.

    also how opensource projects gets contributors who form community and work?
  • kiran.kankipati
    But I see sometimes opensource lacks documentation than commercial software ?
    >> actually this is not the case always. sometimes some authors gets busy with code, and miss out writing easy to understand documentation. Sometimes they make excessive cross-linking, so that when you are looking for specific topic you need to search a lot and approach the final HANDS-ON STEP by STEP procedure.

    Whereas firms/companies provide a ready usage guide or some user guide. Sometimes soft copy (PDF), printed manuals and also optionally online format, and so on.

    But now-a-days even open source holds good reputation in terms of documentation. Also you get several reputed free documentation and paid books for each open-source solution. For example you have the *** for Dummies series for anything and many opensource projects have O'relly books.

    also how opensource projects gets contributors who form community and work?
    >> well this is tricky. Sometimes a firm producing/supporting opensource solution will have employees to further support the same. this includes coding, online material, campaigns, etc. Sometimes if done by an individual they get volunteers and supporters if interested and they do as a community.

    As you know this is how Linux itself started. So it has reputation that many times opensource projects start as community effort.


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