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Engenius 3500 configuration


I'm stumped with trying to make the configuration work for an Engenius 3500 and a computer running Ubuntu 9.10.

Can someone walk me through this set-up?

Thank you, Doug


  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    It's a Wireless Access Point. It doesn't really matter what OS you're using, it extends the network to include wireless after it's attached to your router. Many of these devices come with Windows setup disks, but, you can usually access the setup page through a browser. My Linksys access point had an address, I think, that was Just entering that address into the URL field in the browser brought up the administration page. The documentation that came with your Engenius should include an address where you can set it up through the browser. My Linksys required me to attach it directly to my computer for the inital setup, then, after that I could manage it once it was attached to the router.

    The link to the manual is here:
    But that should have come with the unit. From looking at that document, except for the security levels and passwords, it looks like it should work out of the box. Unless for some reason it doesn't get along with your router.

    Maybe you could explain how you've set it up, and, what part has you stumped.


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