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managing Linux Farms (what do you use?)


Distros: suse 85%, RH15%;

gona, be taking over the design of the new "management" part of the Linux farm. they want to use, novels ZLM. but want me to

do a discovery for if that's really the best tool.

does anyone use ZLM? how do you like it? what does everyone else use? puppet? Cfengine? scripts?

goals what be:

patch management

configuration management




  • ben
    ben Posts: 134
    I've used cfengine for a group of servers few years ago, I've never dealt with it in a big datacenter, I know ZLM but I've never used it
  • ntenz
    ntenz Posts: 1
    Hi there,

    I tried ZCM (new version of ZLM) i only subscribed to the patch management module. I found the tool extremely buggy. So after a while I decided to found a new solution and that is novell SMT which is free. Its also a bit buggy but free. If you find a great SM tool for both rhel and sles please let me know. You cant really controle which packages to pathc in greater details using puppet. That would imho be impossible in the longer run.


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