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Zenity wget downloader script


I like d4x but can not seem to find it in the new ubuntu 11.04 with apt-get install d4x I like d4x becuse it will let me control my download speed. So I got board and used zenity with wget and it still not perfect (I have poor programing skills). So fell free to use it if you need it. I just ask that you post the changes here so I can see what you did (learn from you the experts).


wgeturl=$(zenity --entry --text="enter url");

zenity --info --text "Choose speed limit";

szlimitspeed=$(zenity --entry --text="1024k low 10240k med 0k unlimited");

zenity --info --text "Choose file save destination";

szSavePathto=$(zenity --file-selection --multiple --save --confirm-overwrite);

cd $szSavePathto

wget -c --limit-rate=$szlimitspeed $wgeturl | (if `zenity --progress --text="downloading" --percentage=1 --auto-close`;


echo 'download Job completed'


killall wget




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