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Install software offline/from DVD in Fedora 15


Respected Members,

Currently i am using Fedora 15. My question is - how do i build repository in fedora using fedora installation DVD and later on i can install the software from that repository ? :ohmy:

second issue is - my friend don't have internet connection. so, how do i install the software like - VLC, amarok, and other players offline ? i have downloaded software from RPMFusion, but i am unable to install them. during the installation process, it shows error like - "Can't install src.rpm". there is any other resources where i can get the rpm files so that i can download them and send to my friend and he can install it without any internet connection ? :woohoo:

Please suggest


  • marc
    marc Posts: 647
    I do not know about Fedora, but it's quite easy to build a repo with CentOS (uses rpm as well).

    Just place the rpm packages you want on your repo on a folder and then:
    createrepo /route/to/folder

    From there you'll just have to share (http,ftp,nfs,...).

    As for the installation of software... if you wanna install any software you do not use the src.rpm: that's for *rebuilding*.

    Get the i386/i586/x86_64 package of the software you want to install :)

    (keep in mind that you might get into a dependency nightmare if you still wanna go ahead an install manually)



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