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Linux editor and debugger that should run on Linux



We looking for Linux editor, compiler, debugger etc' that can run on Linux virtual machine (Linux OS).

(The target hardware will not be the PC but embedded board.)

I looked at Eclipse site and found installations that run on Windows OS.

I have to explain that we currently not using specific Linux distributor but configuring it all by ourself.

Where can I find it?




  • marc
    marc Posts: 647
    Eclipse and Netbeans both run on linux perfectly.

    Look at their website or install them from the repositories of your distro using the package manager.
  • ben
    ben Posts: 134
    If you take a simple look at the download page on Eclipse website you'll see many downloads available: 32bit/64bit Linux are the common ones. There're many flavors of eclipse downloadable from them (Classic, J, ...)
    You only need a Java Runtime Environment for it (as Windows...)
    there's a combo (Windows/Linux/OS-X), maybe if you're using a Windows desktop you've been redirected to Windows page for that kind of download but if you read the page carefully you'll surely see it


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