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pokerTH-0.8.3 help?

12volt Posts: 2

hello and think's for reading my post. i am running a debian distro called Mepis-8.5 and i love it. all except i cant get my favorite game to work. it's called pokerTH, it work's all except the internet game part. (my favorite part) now thare is a newer verision of Mepis called M11 but it won't run on this system. i won't get into that. but pokerTH runs rite on it. when i click internet game it just closes out. i ask for help on Mepis community forums, no help so far. a guy said he thinks it has something to do with liboost being to old. but it worked on 8.0. i tryed to update all the liboost files but no help.

thinks 12volt:(


  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    Even on the mepis.org web site, 8.0.06 is the latest 8.x version available for download. Where did you get 8.3? If it was an "interim" release (not stable), then you may well have run into some bug or other. If you try running pokerTH from the command line, it may output some diagnostic messages when it crashes. As for Mepis 11 (latest release), why do you say it won't install on your system? Did you try the 32-bit one?

    A bit later...

    Well, I found the links for 8.5.03 - my bad! No 8.3 there however...

    Man, I need to wake up! I see that you are using Mepis 8.5. It's pokerTH that's at 8.3... I think I'll go back to sleep now, and finish my paperwork. :-)
  • 12volt
    12volt Posts: 2
    lol,man you are cracking me up.:laugh: all i can say is reread my post agian, it WILL install, it just won't RUN.lol. the problem is that it freezes. please! if you know alot about mepis, i hope you would help me. you can go to mepis community forums
    and read my post's about it. (http://www.mepiscommunity.org/) lol. im sorry for laughing at you but what you said was so funny i could not help myself. i think you for replying to my post, and i look forward to talking to you agian. "12volt"


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