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just a question (or two)

I am new here and to linux, but some one I worked with suggested that if I were to put Ubuntu on a flash I could possibly revive a hard drive. My son went to town with power button on the computer and now the drive makes beeps and cycles when started up. I have place a new drive and would like to get stuff off the old one. Would that work and if so what is the best coarse of action? Thank you in advance.


  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    What you can do is connect the bad hard drive to the machine as a secondary drive, run the liveCD of ubuntu, access the drive from places, and copy and paste your data to the new drive.

    You can also use the command line and use the "cp" (copy) command and copy your files from there. I recommend using the copy paste method action.

    This is if your drive is accessible. If the drive still continues to beep after it is powered on, then there may be a fatal damage to the drive.
  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    Linux is ideal for this. I gave a paper at an IEEE group meeting in Chicago last year showing how to install Linux on a thumb drive, and then use it for data recovery and forensics purposes.
  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777

    Do you have a copy of the paper?


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