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What machine do I want?

Vogelsong Posts: 5

Im setting up a media network for the family. I want to run Ubuntu on a recommendation from a friend. I had 11.04 running and I like it. The problem was the wireless connection was terrible and it turned out to be the new computer I bought. So it is going back. I already have the RMA. It was a Zotac Zbox.

Anyway, I'm looking for something similar in size, but most importantly will connect to a 5ghz router signal. I live in a 2 story capecop so this is important.

In researching other units it surprises me that manufacturers don't mention the signal compatibility in there specs.

So who out there is using something that will do what I'm looking for.

Any good suggestions, Im all ears.



  • Vogelsong
    Vogelsong Posts: 5
    Looks like after spending most of the day researching this, I'm just gonna build my own. Thats the only way I see of getting everything I want in one package.

    Wish me luck.
  • Lman
    Lman Posts: 52
    Ya know it might have worked out better if you had an older version of ubuntu or something else. Ubuntu is still working on the unity desktop and although it shouldn't really affect the performance, it might be some retarded glitch. So if you haven't returned the computer yet could try another big name distro on distrowatch.com. You might have a better outcome.
    Hope this helps :)


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