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mplayer video script question

I have a basch script to play my video but I want i want to do is have the video play at double sieze. In noraml video play i just right click the video screen and say double size but with the script i can not use the mouse.


#update video list

find /media/M*port/torrent -type f \( -name "*" ! -name "video.txt" ! -name "playvideo" \) > video.txt

mplayer -shuffle -playlist video.txt


  • atreyu
    atreyu Posts: 216
    I can't get mplayer to start with the window double-sized, but I can pass it a specific size - which is almost as good, e.g.:
    mplayer -vo xv -screenw 700 -screenh 480 /path/to/movie.mpg

    i must say, it didn't resize it perfectly, but maybe it will work better for you. My video hardware sucks and my mplayer is way out of date...

    have you tried SMplayer? It is a nice alternative front end GUI player, but apart from that, it might have more command line oriented features.
  • mplayer -xy 2 -shuffle -playlist video.txt

    thank you for your help
  • atreyu
    atreyu Posts: 216
    lancebermudez wrote:
    mplayer -xy 2 -shuffle -playlist video.txt

    thank you for your help
    -xy 2 ... brilliant! it doesn't work quite right on my ancient mplayer, but that's my problem. thx for posting.


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