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I have recently installed linux from windows xp and installed a game, heroes of newerth, on windows this game ran perfectly and on linux runs very slow with a low frame rate. i tryed turning down all graphic settings and the game still runs slowly. Is there a way to partition my hard drive so that about 40-50Gb of my hard drive is for windows and the rest for linux so i can play heroes of newerth again without lag.

The game is compatible with linux (doesn't need to run in wine etc...) and i dont know why it lags so bad.

Computer Specs I know of:

2gb RAm

250gb HArd drive

Hp Laptop

128MB graphic card

2.4Ghz dual core processor

Please Help..


  • asedt
    asedt Posts: 96
    Yes it's possible, but some things to think about.

    You can get started here:

    Most of the times installing Linux on a hard drive you need at least a / (root) partition and a /swap partition. If you want to install Linux and keep your current Windows you can resize the Window partition. It's recommended to backup all important before doing so.

    Read more about it here:
    and here:

    I recommend to do some cleaning of stuff on the Windows partition and make some defragmentation. (not sure that it's needed, nothing about it on the Ubuntu page but it newer hurts).

    What Linux distribution are you using?
    How big are you hard drive? EDIT: nm 250 GB where was my eyes?
    How much free space do you have on your Windows partition?
  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    I addition to what aron said, did you install all drivers for your linux system, like graphics driver etc?
  • bananacomputer
    prior to putting linux on my computer i accidently wiped my computer of EVERYTHING and had a computer technician put linux and shit on.
  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    It sounds like you are not using the best possible video drivers on your Linux installation, depending on your chosen distro the step to install new driver differ. Can you please tell us what Linux distro you are usiing?


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