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ez publish on rackspace cloud


I am running ezpublish on rackspace cloud , and I dont get command line control, I set up a cronjob via their web control panel where I can set up a scheduled task. execute every 5 minutes and run runcronjobs.php from the root of the eZpublish install directory which in my case is:


where "/mnt/stor7-wc2-dfw1/521729/xxx.xxx.com/" is prepanded path , we allow only to give file name only, in our case "runcronjobs.php" , so we have to put "web/content/runcronjobs.php" which is cause of error (I guess)., is it correct format of cronjob ?


  • asedt
    asedt Posts: 96
    Test with:

    Without the ./ the reference is not relative.

    Edit: do you get any error messages or anything?


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