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Bind DNS help!



i have setup a forward dns entry and i have specified the ip 192.169.x.x (i got this ip from the ifconfig command)

Now when i do nslookup finds the domain perfectly but the problem is that it can be only viewable privately not publically viewable.

I am not sure how to make the domain publically viewable , but what i was thinking is that If i check the main ip address from the www.whatismyip.com and replace my private ip with it. Will that work. or need some other way.

Please help.



  • spixx
    spixx Posts: 9
    First of all, there is the question of how you point the DNS name. For instance a dns file is null and void if your domain name provider (in essence NOT the same thing as a nameserver) have to point towards you. So first of all if you have domain.xxx you need to tell the internet via your domain name provider that domain.xxx is found at your "whatsmyip.com" address.

    Secondly you have to open your firewall for access towards traffic at TCP(?)/UDP on port 53 for domain lookup.

    Protip: If you have a dynamic IP address do not even consider hosting this at home :)
  • marc
    marc Posts: 647
    spixx wrote:
    Protip: If you have a dynamic IP address do not even consider hosting this at home :)

    I do have a dynamic IP and have a downtime of a few minutes every two months...
  • RSims
    RSims Posts: 146
    No-IP.com and dyndns.com are services you should look into.
  • spixx
    spixx Posts: 9
    Sorry for the late respons:
    when having a dynamic IP I would as above use a no-ip.com address, namely use the no-ip linux client add a cname towards the ip so it points this way:

    domain.com - - [CNAME] - - > domain.no-ip.com - - [ your ip ] - - > Webserver.

    This is how I does it. A tip is to check if your router supports for instance dyndns most of them do and that is a simple and good way of having a possibiltiy to host domains on a ip that changes since many DNS servers on the Internet often tend to ignore short TTL.
  • Kacem
    Kacem Posts: 2
    And you should PAT/NAT what is coming from "outside" in destination of the port 53 (in your case)
    For the domain name take a free one for example on azote.org
    And then configure it to be able to administrate your domain name...


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