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Configuration for ethernet wired Engenius 3500


The physical setup is this: our marina provides wireless. On the boat we have a Rootena connected to an Engenius 3500 acting as an access point. The Engenius is cabled to the ethernet port. Using "Network Connections" (Ubuntu 10.04) I set the "IPV4" to Manual, Address to, Netmask to Gateway to "Apply" & authorize. I also turn off "Wireless" at the panel icon for Network Connections.

In the browser I enter and get the software of the Engenius 3500. Clear in with name and password. Set the Engenius to be a access point, find the signals, select the desired signal, enter the WEP password and save.

Returning to Network Connections I return the computer to Automatic DHCP. The connection symbol whirls for quite a long time then the screen announces "wired network disconnected - you are now offline"

What's really maddening is that this thing worked for me at one point. It was blind luck that I found the correct combination of settings and procedures. After working on this off and on for about three weeks I've decided to ask for help. So if you can, I'll appreciated it. Thank you, Doug


  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    My guess is that either your AP or the marina's router is not forwarding ARP packets properly. What are the contents of your /etc/resolv.conf file?
  • dsiddens
    dsiddens Posts: 8

    Nope. I can get the net through my laptop's internal antenna.
    Thanks, Doug


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