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The Ultimate Linux Guru - 2011

vtel57vtel57 Posts: 164

Congratulations, Matthew Fillpot!

Enjoy your new laptop; a well-deserved prize.

Thanks for all you do around here.


~Eric, 2011 Guru #14 ;)


  • Goineasy9Goineasy9 Posts: 1,116
    Yes, Congrats to Matt. You've definitely put in a lot of time at the site, and answered many tough questions.

    Tom, 2011 Guru #9 #9 #9 (If you understand that, you're as old as I am .. heh).
  • vtel57vtel57 Posts: 164
    Sadly, I must admit that I do know what you were referring to there. I understand from a good source that the walrus was Paul. ;)
  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    Thank you both for the congrats, it means a lot to be recognized by the community. The funny thing is that the award is only for the visible actions, we do so much more in the background. I think we all deserve a hand for our work on the site in the past year.
  • Yaaaay! I knew it would be you. You're awesome! Congratulations!
  • friTTefriTTe Posts: 19
    Big congratulations =)
    fun to se a swede up at the top aswell hehe
  • benben Posts: 135
    echo -en "Congratulations\nMatthew" | figlet
  • benben Posts: 135
    "\\" missing before "n" (maybe a bug)
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