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Unable to remove kernel module


Need your assistance:

Currently I am using Wind River Linux distribution OS with kernel version and Wind River version pne-3. After loading of my kernel module, I found it was permanent in the kernel using lsmod (for ex see below Ref 1). When I tried to remove, it was displaying as “ERROR: Removing 'hsl_module': Device or resource busy”. For your information, the same module is working fine with the Wind River pne-2 Linux Distribution OS with kernel version 2.6.21.

From the kernel source, I came to know that only possibility of showing permanent is “if there is non-availability of cleanup_module with the availability of init_module”.

But in my case, cleanup module also available in memory, after loading the module. I used to check using the file in /proc/kallsyms for the availability of cleanup module in memory.

Thanks for reading. Prompt reply is expected to identify the root cause.

Ref 1:

Module Size Used by

hsl_module 530454 0 [permanent]




  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    Have you confirmed that the module is not installed in the compiled kernel rather than compiled as a module by checking your kernel configuration file that is located at /proc/config.gz?


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