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video streaming server

usmangt Posts: 42


I am using Ubuntu 10.04 and i want to install and configure Video Streaming Server on it. So that the client can stream the video.

So i have already google around and found streaming server like darwin, vlc But i am in not favour of these two

I am looking for some good streaming server which easy to install and configure so that once it is install then client can stream the videos on their systems.

Please Advice



  • jabirali
    jabirali Posts: 157
    What kind of devices do you want to stream video to? Regular computers? A playstation? Other media center devices?

    If you're targeting UPnP-compatible devices like e.g. a Playstation 3, I've previously setup MediaTomb on Ubuntu, and it worked like a charm. If you're targeting Windows computers, you might as well create an SMB share, and just stream videos like you would share any other file over the network. If you have clients running lots of different operative systems, a plain FTP server should work fine. A simple HTTP server (lighttpd or quickserve) could work too. Or are you looking for a different kind of solution?
  • usmangt
    usmangt Posts: 42
    Well it not for devices xbox or ps3 but i must say like a youtube kind of thing, i.e. for example there is a video on youtube server and client from different machine (linux, windows, mac) stream the video.

    So the idea is that clients need a web browser to stream the video inside their browsers (firefox or internet explorer).
  • jabirali
    jabirali Posts: 157
    I'm not really familiar with that kind of software. If you are willing to do some coding yourself, and have some extra time, you could install a real web server (apache or lighttpd), and hack together a CGI script that automatically generates web pages with embedded video streams.

    Given the right multimedia plugins on the client side, it might also work to just point quickserve/lighttpd/apache directly to your media folder - the question is then if the clients will download then view the files, or display them in fullscreen inside the browser. Anyway, this alternative would not result in small embedded video like on youtube or a flash interface, if that's what you're after.

    In any case, I'm sure this problem has been solved independently a tenfold of times; some googling should reveal other and perhaps more polished alternatives :-)


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