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Hello Linux developers!

Short Version

I hereby toss a challenge towards the community; I need your help to understand the HOW-TO and other common difficulties to understand Linux - development. They can all be abstracted away (from driver level development to complex-integrated-ERP-systems) so that the developer experience is as smooth as it can possibly be.

Long Version

I am in a task of searching the community focus for enabling ISVs and single developers (or even users) to make enterprise-architecture-grade applications.

I was through Linux Foundation's Workgroups (relatively inactive), Linux Developer Network (relatively inactive) and now here (seems hopefully active).

Our organization discovered a technology that trivializes software development.

The technology is by-nature completely open, completely platform agnostic and it divides the problem and complexity so that it particularly well suits for open-source-community to challenge even the most complex enterprisewide systems.

Naturally it does much smaller miracles on the day-to-day software development, for mobile phone clients or for example Linux kernel or driver areas.

This technology is tool-supported in Microsoft / Visual Studio stack currently, which means that mobile device developers (that already use Visual Studio) can already make multi-platform targeting with it.

The technology is theory and examples - including video of standard citizen being capable of making full-architecture-application

We can demonstrate and make Linux-specific examples over anything that requires to be structured or guided to be done in certain way. This applies to anything between driver implementations to multi-tier-architectural software.

Once the reference abstractions are made (which are also trivial to make - they take less time than writing that guidance on HOW-TO use something), only the custom code is handwritten. All the architectural ceremonial code is automated.

Now I understand the examples are slim, because the technology is best described with live-examples of something concrete. While all our current examples are for Microsoft development ecosystem, we simply need examples of Linux development challenges to start tackling them.


Kalle Launiala


  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    Having spent 3 decades in complex system software research and development, this really sounds like BS to me! I have been the principal architect and engineer of application development frameworks for large scale, high availability, transaction processing frameworks used to build some of the most sophisticated applications in the world. My BS detector is beeping very loudly after reading your post and the link provided...
  • kallex
    kallex Posts: 4
    I understand your attitude very well.

    Let me demonstrate this technology to you; it is not magical in any way. Actually it's brutally simple.

    It is centered around focusing on architectural structures. And it requires the reference implementation to be written (at least) once. But then after that, regardless of how complex the reference structure is, if it creates logically consistent part of software, it can and should be abstracted.

    On the site is working example of trivializing Microsoft Office Add-in. While that does not even look like a lot of output code, the information hidden inside to get all the bits and pieces right is relatively large for the amount of code.

    I am currently working on demonstrational videos of technology in action.

    Meanwhile, if you take on the challenge; if you can link something in common Linux development, that has HOW-TO and example/reference solution available, I'll demonstrate the case abstracting it for you and making video out of it.




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