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What command is invoked when we press Ctrl + R


In Ubuntu we oftenly use ctrl+R to reload our desktop or nautilus file manager. it finally reloads all icons.

Now the question is which command is invoked when we are pressing ctrl + R

See I am actually trying to refresh my desktop using refresh option in context menu. please don't laugh but I have managed to bring refresh command in context menu using nautilus-actions but I am still not able to relate appropriate command to the menu item.

the solution will be highly appreciated


  • jabirali
    jabirali Posts: 157
    When you press Ctrl + R, that's not really a command telling nautilus to reload anything, but rather a keybinding getting caught directly by nautilus. So you can't really bind that directly to a context menu outside nautilus.

    It might still be possible to force nautilus to reload by using a dbus command, though. Dbus is a system for interprocess communication used by most gnome software, so it wouldn't be surprising if nautilus too had a dbus remote. I'm afraid a quick google didn't reveal any dbus API for nautilus, but that doesn't necessarily mean that such an interface doesn't exist :)


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