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best linux distro?

bufmunkybufmunky Posts: 6

right now I'm running ubuntu 10.04, but there's so many things that don't work. I have an nvidia gforce gt240 video card, and I've tried countless times to install it, but it just never works. I also have tried to install starcraft 2 a couple times with no success. I have starcraft one installed but even that doesn't work sometimes. my question is, is there a better linux OS that's more compatible with things?


  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    Your video card should work quite well once you install the proprietary drivers using the "hardware drivers" option.

    As for startcraft, since it is a windows based game I am assuming you are using wine of another emulator, whenever you run anything though an emulator the performance is questionable. You cannot expect anything run through an emulator to run perfectly on any system. If you want starcraft to work perfectly I recommend for you to continue to run it in windows, as for other games I recommend for you to look into Linux native games which will run correctly, I bet you can find at least one that you really like.
  • odlevakpodlevakp Posts: 30
    nvidia driver install on Ubuntu is easy since you don't have to add new repositories... just run the "Hardware Drivers" item from your menu or from a console use the command "jockey-gtk" or "jockey-kde" if you have Kubuntu.

    If you try to run Windows games using wine always check the official Wine AppDB as there are many tips, performance tweaks and overrides for each game with ratings for various distros... also check if you have the right wine version

    this is the starcraft 2 page: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=20882
  • Linux Mint is basically Ubuntu with abuncha extra stuff added, and has super-simple driver management, multimedia codecs, stuff like that. There are a few other Ubuntu-based distros that employ the same idea.

    Another favorite is PCLinuxOS, also with lotsa stuff preinstalled, plenty of support and a nice friendly community. Not Ubuntu-based, but some folks find that it runs better on their hardware than most of the Debian/Ubuntu-based ones.

    They're all free to try, and if they run well for you from a LiveCD (thanks to Knoppix for giving us that awesome capability!), they'll most likely run just fine installed.
  • chekkizharchekkizhar Posts: 182
    you can go with ubuntu or Mint, not much different[though there are]. As mfillpot told,

    1. Install drivers
    2. Run windows exe in Windows itself. Dont belive Emulator. I cant able to run even a medium range game
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