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Hi All:

First thread here,sorry to bother

I have a small request to all of you.I am not new to Linux and it's Distros but I am not an expert either

I have tried many Distros,Ubuntu being my fav,also tried Mint,Fedora,Peepermint,PC Linux BUT!

I am looking for a Distro that uses Firefox and Thunderbird as default clinets for Browser and Emails,any one?

most Distros use Evolution or Kmail or so on but really,I love this couple.I prefer the Gnome Desktop but will try the KDE and I also prefer a Deb Distro but hey I am willing to try others.Thanks in advance.Ari.... :)


  • Lman
    Lman Posts: 52
    Firefox is the internet browser that comes with Ubuntu originally and Mint does have both. As far as t-bird goes with ubuntu, why dont you just download it after the fact? I have Ubuntu myself and I honestly find it pretty good, but the computer I have it on is a little slow. I would say just find whatever distro you like best and download firefox and t-bird if it doesn't have them already. Just try to make sure that it's an easy distro to understand (*cough*UBUNTU*cough*) and that you're satisfied with it :)


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