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OCR and data capture software



First of all I want to apologize for my bad English.

I need a software like Kofax Capture, ABBYY Flexicapture or Anydoc Captureit but it must run on Linux.

The main features of this software are:

- a good OCR and a good ICR

- reads barcode and QR code

- cleans the documents

- classification of documents according to content (through rules)

- ...

Anyone knows any software, please?

I've seen 2 threads about OCR but I want more than OCR (I want a data capture software). I don't want to use a online version as user Dimonline suggests.

Thanks and sorry for my English again.


  • Belu84
    Thanks mclpro but it isn't that I need. Sorry, I haven't explained very well.

    I want to scan a lot of documents and use a data capture software (as Kofax) to classify these. This software must capture other kinds of documents (for example mails) but the main documents are scanned documents. The features of the software are that I've said in the first post.

    I want a application for computer (with Linux as OS), not mobile.

    I hope I have explained myself better than before.

  • franchukrom
    OCR engines: Tesseract, cuneiform. Others are English-only, so I did not used them.

    GUI: for tesseract - FeedReeader, for cuneiform - YAGF and other.

    But these OCRs are worse than FineReader, so if you have bought FineReader, you can use wine to use it (wine does not support scanning, so you need scan to pdf with xsane and OCR this pdf with FineReader, and don't save results to .doc - OpenOffice have problems with docs generated by FineReader).
  • jdabbeyiii
    Ephesoft offers this in Linux. Document Capture and OCR with configurable plugins and customizable scripts: http://ephesoft.com/linux-edition


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