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Hello everybody! I have a few questions regarding linux in general. I'm not very good at using the software, considering I was brought up on windows. I'm wondering if there are any articles as to what I need to know. I have ubuntu running on my old pentium 3 computer but I want something that's faster. What would you suggest? And I'm not sure why but I cant get any of the programs I download for linux to work and I have no clue what the Ubuntu comparison is to a Windows .exe file..... Those are just a few of the things I'm dealing with and I'd greatly appreciate any help you could give me. If there are articles on what I need to know on any linux desktop distribution, I'd also take those. Thank you and I hope to hear from ya!


  • corec
    corec Posts: 18
    Ubuntu will be pretty slow on an old pentium 3 because it actually does have a decent hardware requirement so I would recommend Xubuntu. Its Ubuntu with a lightweight desktop enviroment so its good for beginners on older hardware. As for the equivalent of .exes that would be .deb which you can just double click on in Ubuntu to install. A lot of good software can be found through the use of the ubuntu software center. For articles for beginners the new user guides will always help out. So if there are any specific problems you have just let us know. In case you don't mind for a bit of a learning curve (not having everything done for you) there are several other lightweight distros that will work fine.
  • ben
    ben Posts: 134
    LXDE should perform fine on the machine you've, take a look at it
  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    There are many new distros actively supporting older hardware. My main distros for older hardware, AntiX, Slitaz and Puppy. That's where I always start.
  • Lman
    Lman Posts: 52
    Thanks guys for all the help. I am gonna try Xubuntu and Bohdi because the Ubuntu setup is what I'm most familar with. Robin, do you know enough about Bohdi to know whether or not it has an option to set up a partition? Due to my crappy download threshold (225 Mb) that I have now (which is about to go out in the next month for unlimited downloading), it will take awhile. But I will post my success in this forum and hopefully any other forums I find that match mine.
  • Help Please..I am new to linux and will never go back, I need to update my browser to chrome and can download the thing but for the life of me can not figure out how to open or apply it to my netbook. I know it is a silly thing but I need help please.
  • Lman
    Lman Posts: 52
    Are you talking about the OS or the browser??
  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    What Os are you using first off. Second, you have to install it using your system's package manager. Are downloading the .deb or the .rpm file?


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