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Traffic Control and Report dosent count uploading

I have been using traffic control and report for years and love the way it works but despite the fact that the last update in 2005 was purported to have added the counting of uploading as well as the downloading - I am certain that it does not count uploading - I have compared the accounting in the program "Extra Graphs" and the accounting in TC&R matches the downloading in extra graphs closely. I tried contacting, Ivan S. Rublev the author but he did not seem to care enough to help.

perhaps subsequent upgrades to the kernel have stopped the uploading from being counted ?

I would love to get this problem solved

any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated

link to the add on - http://www.onmind.ru/tcar/tcaren.htm


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    I have been looking over the source, which is not very well documented trying to find a solution.

    My initial through is that the iptables rules for outbound traffic in tcar/144etc/rc.d/helper/tcar-ac.pl may be incomplete or using outdated parameters. But since I am not versed in perl there is not much that I can do.

    I recommend looking into the script listed above to test settings and see what is not being accepted or what is not working properly.
  • Hi

    I've been searching for the same solution and am wondering if either of you (or anyone) found one?

    We used IPCOP with TCAR in our internet cafe for years to monitor wireless clients (most of whom were not heavy download / uploaders) and was so sure (at the time) it was counting both ways.

    I've now set it up at home and am using it to monitor neighbours I'm providing wireless internet access to.

    Have tried a host of other options Inc ClearOS, Smoothwall, Untangle (Lite), PFsense, ZoneCD (discontinued), SoftPerfect Bandwidth Monitor. None in my opinion do what TCAR does in such a simple way.

    Am currently looking at purchasing a Mikroti Router 433 Board (with RouterOS), I believe they have a variety of capabilities some of which may help. RouterOS can also be installed on an old PC like IPCOP, Free for 24 Hours after which a license is required. R250)

    In my search however I've discovered a few people mentioning using a RADIUS server in conjunction with a NAS (Network Authentication Server) The NAS (as I understand it) would be the Mikrotik Board attached to a Radius server running Radius Software. The best of which seems to be http://www.dmasoftlab.com/cont/home

    Here is a diagram to illustrate: http://www.dmasoftlab.com/cont/topologies

    At about R2000 for the software alone this is, well, an expensive option for people like myself who like to tinker with and make good use of otherwise old and redundant pc’s. But if I had the money this setup seems like it would be such a treat esp. for our internet café.

    If anyone has any experience of the above I’d be grateful to hear it as well as if anyone knows of any good / affordable alternatives i.e an upload counter for IPCOP’s TCAR.



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