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Problem re-installing partition /


Hi everyone.

I've searched for a while now but can't seem to find anything about my problem. Hope someone here has a clue.

The thing is I had to re-install LMDE, but only the / partition because I didn't want to loose some configuration files and other info I had on /home. But after re-installing I went to /home/my_user only to find out it was empty, well not empty, but only with the usual default folders and settings, as if it had been re-installed as well. After a short moment of panicking I noticed a new 6G partition, mounted it and saw all the info I thought I had lost. So, where did the "new" /home came from? and how do I restore my original /home so I don't have to mount it every time?

I'd never re-installed like this so an additional question would be: is it normal or did I mess up during the process?

Hope I was clear, I thought this was pretty weird so I hope someone can help. Thanks!


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    Are you sure that the new contents of /home are on a new partitions, most likely when you reinstalled root it made a generic home directory. You should be able to remove the contents from the home directory and edit /etc/fstab to instruct your system to mount you home partition on the /home directory.
  • brunn
    brunn Posts: 4
    Hi mfillpot.

    You were right, I modified /etc/fstab, mounted my "old" /home and have my data back where it used to.

    Thanks a lot for replying!


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